Hello again!

Heading into April full speed ahead… here at International Nonwovens we are currently looking into how we can do our part towards making the industry more sustainable.

We have a policy for continuous product improvement here at International Nonwovens, and that includes how we can provide our customers with products whilst improving sustainability and reducing waste.

We have come up with 3 ‘Sustainability Initiatives’ to focus on this month…


International Nonwovens’ Sustainability Initiatives for April 2018

  • Evaluate the sustainability and environmental impact of our manufacturing and distribution activities on a regular basis.
  • Our ‘clever packing’ policy ensures that we work as a team to reduce waste. We aim to amalgamate orders to reduce unnecessary use of packaging and minimise deliveries.
  • Aim to migrate all invoices and statements to electronic format to remove the need for paper records.


In such a fast growing industry, the need to strive for improvements in sustainability is important. At International Nonwovens, we understand how vital it is that we do our part and we are committed to providing superior products whilst minimising environmental impact.

Want to learn more about how we’re doing our part towards creating a sustainable future? Leave us a comment or give us call today.

Until next time…