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We’re Spunbonded over Sustainability

Hello again! Heading into April full speed ahead… here at International Nonwovens we are currently looking into how we can do our part towards making the industry more sustainable. We have a policy for continuous product improvement here at International Nonwovens,...

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Nonwovens: A Cool-ant Solution

Hello again! Here at International Nonwovens, we think nonwoven media is quite fascinating. A multitude of uses for a multitude of industries, it’s the perfect solution for so many obstacles and we think they’re a pretty cool product. Our filter media has a...

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International Nonwovens – Your Choice for Nonwoven Media

Welcome to International Nonwovens! Most likely you have searched for some type of filter media, flatbed machine or maybe something completely different all together. Whatever the reason, you’ve ended up on our website – allow us to introduce ourselves. We are...

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