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Our mission

We aim to offer our customers a fully comprehensive service, providing the highest quality filter consumable solutions and services for their filtration needs in an ever evolving market.

We care about our customers

Whether you are large or small, all our customers are equally important to us and we endeavour to offer the best price and lead time on every order you make with us. We ensure our customers receive the best possible service, selection, quality and value for filter consumables on the market.

What are nonwovens?

Nonwoven media holds the capability to take on a unique combination of characteristics for applications in a diverse range of industries, where other materials would be simply inept and unsuitable.

An almost endless list of characteristics and uses – nonwoven media is fast becoming the ideal solution to any design concern.

Benefits of nonwoven media

Why choose us


Key Market Influencers

We are market leaders in the supply of proprietary filter products

Large Network

Our large network of suppliers strengthens our day to day operations and keeps our market intelligence strong and up to date.

Diverse Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions to any filtration need from edible oil and coolant to any aspect of filtration.

Expert Advice

Our technical department are always available to offer impartial and professional advice and assistance to provide our customers with the best solution possible


We work closely with our customers forming long term relationships and building mutual trust.



We provide a fully comprehensive and personalised service catered to your exact requirements.

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