Welcome to International Nonwovens!

Most likely you have searched for some type of filter media, flatbed machine or maybe something completely different all together. Whatever the reason, you’ve ended up on our website – allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are International Nonwovens, a division of the Power Utilities Group. Specialising in the supply of nonwoven filter media in a variety of forms suitable for both edible oil filtration and coolant filtration.

We supply nonwoven filters in Cellulose, Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyester Needlefelt form; explore our website to discover our full range of superb filters and learn more about the world of nonwovens.

Nonwovens are becoming a pretty popular product, and for good reason too! Incredibly versatile, nonwovens have an endless list of uses suitable for a wide variety of industries; we like to think of nonwovens as a bit of a wonder product – the Jack of all trades in filtration fabrics.

Here at International Nonwovens keeping track of current industry updates and advancements are a priority, and we think it’s important to share these updates with you too! We’ll be posting the latest news on nonwovens regularly, so keep visiting our website to make sure you never miss a post.

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